Audience of One

Sunny lake

Sunny lake (Photo credit: stevec77)

Today was a gorgeous day, it was cool enough for long sleeves but the sun made a definite appearance. I took a long brisk walk. The heat of the sun was like a loving embrace from the universe. These walks nurture my spirit. I always finish my walks feeling renewed, empowered to overcome daily challenges with a new sense of confidence.

It would have been nice to take a long walk with you, even if it was just one time. I wonder what we would talk about. On my walks I encounter a small cat colony. If you make it out here before 7 am you may run into a frail yet enthusiastic lady that comes out to feed all the lake animals ( geese and other lake birds). The cats seem to recognize her as an old friend and walk up to her and even let her pet them. I like to think that you were probably a cat person, I am.

I would give anything for a moment with you that I could remember, something to cherish. Although I have no recollection of you, I feel an overwhelming connection to you on days like today.

Wherever you are, I hope I made you proud.

With a yearning heart,
Your daughter


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