Dreaming of Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Live in Jakarta

Image by Windi Rosmikasari via Flickr

I am embarrassed to say that today I scrubbed the web for all information “Bruno Mars”. From YouTube to news stories to Wikipedia, I had to know the story.  His song, “Just the way you are” is the lovers profession every insecure girl wants to hear and to hear the perfect words combined with the perfect voice! I was in heaven…for a little over 3 minutes…then it was over and I ached for more!

Well I found more…an eclectic variety! I was pleasantly surprised to see Bruno hidden in many songs. Like a subliminal message (reminding me that I am amazing just the way I am). Am I blushing? Maybe a little!  Then I saw that he sang to Ellen and I felt cheated on…I’m sure Ellen wouldn’t have minded sacrificing her serenade for someone else in need. Why the mind games Bruno!