Saul’s 9th Birthday

Nine years ago God blessed me with Saul. I don’t know what I can say except that life has been a joy since he came along. Today we woke up pretty early and had his favorite, “chorizo con huevo” He got dressed for school. He picked out his birthday outfit and was looking forward to his teacher’s special treat in honor of his birthday.
Then we waited on the school bus…I was looking at him and it hit me how fast he is growing up and how time seems to be slipping away. This boy will soon be a man!

Dog Devours Granny!!!



Ok so it was a granny smith apple…not a granny!!! But These my doxies are so adorable that I had to find a way to get that spotlight! We can literally sit and watch them all day because they are so comical. They love to eat left over granny smith apples. We took them to our local, yearly dachshund dash. It was a blast! I wish I had taken more pictures of all the dogs that were there. There were so many and Reece’s had a couple look-a-likes. But Chikko is one in a million, so many people commented on his spots. Below is a video of one of the races where one of the dogs decided he had his own agenda. It was a fun time.

Dog devours Granny!!!