My Birthday!


Today is my birthday! In my yearly birthday tradition, I played hooky from work. It makes sense to take a break from it all but I run into the same predicament…WHAT TO DO! My son begged me for some extra video game time so he could defeat Medal of Honor Airborne. So we played that for a couple of hours. It was pretty awesome to get to the end! What to do next? Spring cleaning always gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I cleaned out 2 closets. I even found one of my old video cameras! Laid Back birthdays are awesome! This birthday I am thankful that I have health, happiness and HAIR!

WIN: Toilets seats succumb!!!


A toilet seat never made me happier! Yea, I know…even for me that’s a little weird. Here’s the thing, I purchased one of those nice looking wood and metal ones. Lesson learned! The faux metal was actually plastic with a filmy  metallic finish. The metal quickly started peeling and what was worse was harder to keep clean. I decided to buy a new one but when it came time to install it…the old one would not come off! The screws were so rotten that the screw driver didn’t work. In my attempts the only thing I managed to do was to partially UN-hinge the lid from the rest of the unit. It became my daily reminder of the fact that girls can’t do everything 😦

This morning I made up my mind that THIS would be the day! It was going DOWN! That was this morning. I am pleased to say that after a day filled with learning how to use a hack saw, and running back and forth to Lowes for replacement blades. I have come out victorious! Wohooo!!!

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