Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


This weeks challenge was fun because I finally got a chance to sit down and organize my family photo album. I found so many old memories and it was pretty hard to select just a few.

¬†In this first image we have¬†my son with our two mini-dachshunds. The day I brought these brothers home, my son was crazy for them. His exact words, “This’ll be a day we’re never going to forget!” He quickly bonded with Reece’s, the chocolate one and¬†has been completely responsible for him since day one.¬†¬†These doxies¬†are going on 3 years and silly as ever.¬† Reece’s¬†loves to¬†play “sniff/fetch”¬†. This is where we¬†hide a toy and¬†watch him¬†literally go into non-stop SNIFFer Mode until he finds it. And he always does! Chikko¬†is the little dappled¬†one. He was the runt of the litter and is a good 2 lbs smaller than Reece’s. Because he is so small combined with¬†the dachshund physique (short & stout with an almost regal, protruding chest), He trots¬†about aloof except with a goofy grin.¬†He gets all the attention when we travel because of his unique markings. Reece’s is just fine with that. Reece’s is only¬†concerned¬†with¬†my son. They truly are a joy and have taught us so much about life.

Why I want to be more like my dog:

  • They wake up every morning with an abundant zest for what the day will bring, That is LIVING!
  • There is practically nothing we could do that would stop them from loving us, that is unconditional love in its simplest¬†form. Who said love had to be complicated anyway!
  • There is not a day that goes by that they do not put a smile on our face. They remind me daily to attempt to put a smile on someones face.

I took the¬†next photo¬†at a local water reservoir we like to call a “lake” (Lake Hefner.¬†) The reservoir is surrounded¬†by walking and cycling trails, a golf course and eateries, along with scenic vistas. My son loves to peer through the telescope to see what’s going on¬†the other side of the lake. I picked this as one of the pictures for this challenge because one of my dearest friends is standing with him and enjoying his¬†excitement. Isn’t that one of the main things families¬†do for us? They are¬†present to bear witness and take part¬†in our journey. The events we experience in life are not worth experiencing alone. That is why we are blessed with family.

This brings me to my last¬†image which is bittersweet. In making this photo I managed to break a very special hand mold that¬†my son made when he¬†was six years old. It truly broke my heart to see it shatter because of my butter fingers, agh!¬† This is an image of some of the items my son has made for me in the recent years. My personal favorites are the clay rose he gave me for mother’s day and the mobile made of popsicle sticks and a hanger.¬† Only family would see the true value in these items. Family looks beyond your limitations and sees your potential. Family embraces your ideas and realizes their worth. Family cherishes your every ¬†achievement, no matter how mundane. Cheers!