Thanksgiving 2011: Vernon, Oklahoma


This years Thanksgiving holiday took us on a 2 1/2 hour road trip to the country side town of Vernon, Oklahoma.  We were worried about taking a cooked turkey”on the road”” but it did well riding shotgun!

The town of Vernon has a story of it’s own to tell. But this was a time to catch up with old friends. One of my dearest friends grew up here. Her parents still live here and all the grandkids spend any days out of school with their grandparents. This is their chance to explore without much of the cares of city life. Most of the time grandpa has different tasks that have to get done.  Here the boys have returned after a day of cutting up large log that was blocking the creek.

Of course there is always time for some fun. There was a trampoline in the back of the house and boy did the kids put it to good use! They were out there for hours working up an appetite for that Thanksgiving meal!

Even ZeeK, (the pet RACOON!) enjoyed some of the thanksgiving meal. I couldn’t believe that he was so tame.  He had the cutest little hands that would grab a piece of Turkey and take it under the porch to eat.


Let it roll off your shoulder…


Please Excuse me as I vent. This week I have been struggling with the Idea of “letting go”.  Sure it makes perfect sense that holding on to resentments is bad. Bad for your spirit, bad for your relationships, bad for your health, bad, bad, bad. But how does one truly, “let go”? I remember there used to be a television show that used to come on pretty late at night. It was a reality show that oftentimes had women, but sometimes couples, in a “live in” situation where they went away to deal with their “issues”. I want that.  I am a work in progress and sometimes I feel like there is an overwhelming amount of work to do. I want to get it all done so I can be happy already! Maybe it is because I am a woman, I just can’t  let things go.

On a positive note, I am thankful for the strength to deal with life’s struggles. I know that while life at times seems unfair, I will get through each chapter with a lesson learned! I am thankful that this journey is mine to take. I have made very good strides with my weight loss journey. I am learning so much about myself. My “accountability challenge” is going well. I look forward to my next weigh in as I expect to see some very good results.

I will leave you guys with a quote that I sometimes use with my pups so take it with a grain of salt  🙂

Drop it, leave it, let it go ~Joyce Meyer

My Birthday!


Today is my birthday! In my yearly birthday tradition, I played hooky from work. It makes sense to take a break from it all but I run into the same predicament…WHAT TO DO! My son begged me for some extra video game time so he could defeat Medal of Honor Airborne. So we played that for a couple of hours. It was pretty awesome to get to the end! What to do next? Spring cleaning always gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I cleaned out 2 closets. I even found one of my old video cameras! Laid Back birthdays are awesome! This birthday I am thankful that I have health, happiness and HAIR!

Thankful for beautiful people


Beautiful Person = fearless, hopeful, lovers Note:  NOT whiners, when they talk they are actually saying something not just pointing to negativity.


I know no one is perfect. Everyone has their moments but there is always that person that seems to feel that the only way to hold a conversation is to find something/someone to complain about. It’s all good until you are the person being hated on. Right?

Fear less, hope more

Whine less, breathe more

Talk less, say more

Hate less, love more