MIX TAPE: Soundtrack to My Life


Album Collection

  1. .Details in Fabric (Jason Mraz)
  2. Hard way home(Brandi Carlile)
  3. So much to say (Dave Mathews)
  4. So small (Carrie Underwood)
  5. In the Mirror (Yanni)
  6. Come alive (Janelle Monae)
  7. Little wonders (Rob Thomas)
  8. Arroz con Pollo (Maxwell)
  9. Crazy Dreams (Carrie Underwood)
  10. My way (Los Lonely Boys)
  11. This Year(Meghan Tonjes)

Audience of One

Sunny lake

Sunny lake (Photo credit: stevec77)

Today was a gorgeous day, it was cool enough for long sleeves but the sun made a definite appearance. I took a long brisk walk. The heat of the sun was like a loving embrace from the universe. These walks nurture my spirit. I always finish my walks feeling renewed, empowered to overcome daily challenges with a new sense of confidence.

It would have been nice to take a long walk with you, even if it was just one time. I wonder what we would talk about. On my walks I encounter a small cat colony. If you make it out here before 7 am you may run into a frail yet enthusiastic lady that comes out to feed all the lake animals ( geese and other lake birds). The cats seem to recognize her as an old friend and walk up to her and even let her pet them. I like to think that you were probably a cat person, I am.

I would give anything for a moment with you that I could remember, something to cherish. Although I have no recollection of you, I feel an overwhelming connection to you on days like today.

Wherever you are, I hope I made you proud.

With a yearning heart,
Your daughter