Finding New Ways to Smile: My New Favorite Toy


In February I purchased a¬†Windows 7 phone (Samsung focus). As with¬†new technology it has taken time for me to understand the capabilities of this phone.¬† This¬†is a¬†phone¬†has a very “minimalist” style¬†that¬†is seamlessly integrated with things like social networking, location-based services and windows live services. The best part is that since purchasing this phone,¬†I have discovered the wonderful world of digital media. More specifically, MUSIC!

I usually enjoy music when I am doing something I don’t like to do…like, dishes, laundry, or any housework for that matter! Before getting, my precccioussss, I resorted to FM radio¬†and online streaming…which worked fine. That was THEN.¬† My new phone recognized all the¬†media files on my computer and I can pick which files to sync to my phone.¬†That was nice enough, right?¬†¬†I can carry my media library on my phone, not bad! But then I realized that my car had an mp3¬†jack and I was ecstatic to find that I could¬†play my favorite 90’s hits in¬†full stereo sound, on my way to work! That’s not it,¬†I¬†was able to get access to¬†all this media via XBox¬†(nicely hooked up to my entertainment system) just by logging into my Zune¬†account! Voila! Technology is awesome! Since then this¬†30 something feels cool again! I have been ¬†listening to all ¬†my old favorites in full quality sound! Not exactly the best thing for my pocket-book¬†(had to buy a subscription to Zune and Xbox live, not to mention the music I have purchased) but it has been great fun.

Today¬†I downloaded “legends”, Bob Marley’s¬†greatest hits. I forgot how good his music made me feel. My favorite Marley song is “One Love”. Today I was in such a good mood that I deep cleaned my bathroom and my kitchen, then did some dance central¬†“hey Mami” (don’t judge me). Music really is a great way to put a smile on anyone’s face!


Au Revoir…Vanilla Woods


Burning candles is a bit of¬†an obsession for me. The Henri Bendel¬†collection has been a personal favorite however, I recently discovered that I cannot purchase them at Bath and Body works. WHY!!!! I loved being able to pick them up locally. My favorite scent was Vanilla Woods. Such a comforting scent and not overwhelmingly vanilla sweet.¬†This was my last one ūüė¶

Dreaming of Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Live in Jakarta

Image by Windi Rosmikasari via Flickr

I am embarrassed to say that today I¬†scrubbed the web for all information “Bruno Mars”. From YouTube¬†to news stories to Wikipedia, I had to know the story.¬† His song, “Just the way you are” is the lovers profession¬†every insecure¬†girl wants to hear and to hear the perfect words combined with the perfect voice!¬†I was in heaven…for¬†a little over 3¬†minutes…then it was over and I ached for¬†more!

Well I found more…an eclectic variety! I was pleasantly surprised to see Bruno hidden in many songs. Like a subliminal message (reminding me that I am amazing just the way I am).¬†Am I blushing? Maybe a little! ¬†Then I saw that he sang to Ellen¬†and I felt cheated on…I’m sure Ellen wouldn’t have minded sacrificing her serenade for someone else in need. Why the¬†mind games Bruno!