Finding New Ways to Smile: My New Favorite Toy


In February I purchased a Windows 7 phone (Samsung focus). As with new technology it has taken time for me to understand the capabilities of this phone.  This is a phone has a very “minimalist” style that is seamlessly integrated with things like social networking, location-based services and windows live services. The best part is that since purchasing this phone, I have discovered the wonderful world of digital media. More specifically, MUSIC!

I usually enjoy music when I am doing something I don’t like to do…like, dishes, laundry, or any housework for that matter! Before getting, my precccioussss, I resorted to FM radio and online streaming…which worked fine. That was THEN.  My new phone recognized all the media files on my computer and I can pick which files to sync to my phone. That was nice enough, right?  I can carry my media library on my phone, not bad! But then I realized that my car had an mp3 jack and I was ecstatic to find that I could play my favorite 90’s hits in full stereo sound, on my way to work! That’s not it, I was able to get access to all this media via XBox (nicely hooked up to my entertainment system) just by logging into my Zune account! Voila! Technology is awesome! Since then this 30 something feels cool again! I have been  listening to all  my old favorites in full quality sound! Not exactly the best thing for my pocket-book (had to buy a subscription to Zune and Xbox live, not to mention the music I have purchased) but it has been great fun.

Today I downloaded “legends”, Bob Marley’s greatest hits. I forgot how good his music made me feel. My favorite Marley song is “One Love”. Today I was in such a good mood that I deep cleaned my bathroom and my kitchen, then did some dance central “hey Mami” (don’t judge me). Music really is a great way to put a smile on anyone’s face!


Au Revoir…Vanilla Woods


Burning candles is a bit of an obsession for me. The Henri Bendel collection has been a personal favorite however, I recently discovered that I cannot purchase them at Bath and Body works. WHY!!!! I loved being able to pick them up locally. My favorite scent was Vanilla Woods. Such a comforting scent and not overwhelmingly vanilla sweet. This was my last one 😦

Dreaming of Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Live in Jakarta

Image by Windi Rosmikasari via Flickr

I am embarrassed to say that today I scrubbed the web for all information “Bruno Mars”. From YouTube to news stories to Wikipedia, I had to know the story.  His song, “Just the way you are” is the lovers profession every insecure girl wants to hear and to hear the perfect words combined with the perfect voice! I was in heaven…for a little over 3 minutes…then it was over and I ached for more!

Well I found more…an eclectic variety! I was pleasantly surprised to see Bruno hidden in many songs. Like a subliminal message (reminding me that I am amazing just the way I am). Am I blushing? Maybe a little!  Then I saw that he sang to Ellen and I felt cheated on…I’m sure Ellen wouldn’t have minded sacrificing her serenade for someone else in need. Why the mind games Bruno!