My Birthday!


Today is my birthday! In my yearly birthday tradition, I played hooky from¬†work. It makes sense to take a break from it all but I run into the same¬†predicament…WHAT TO DO!¬†My son begged me for some extra video game¬†time so he could defeat¬†Medal of Honor Airborne. So we played that for a couple of hours. It was pretty¬†awesome to get to the end! What to do next? Spring cleaning always gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I¬†cleaned out 2 closets. I even found one of my old video cameras! Laid Back birthdays¬†are awesome! This birthday I am thankful that I have health, happiness and HAIR!


Thankful for beautiful people


Beautiful Person = fearless, hopeful, lovers Note:  NOT whiners, when they talk they are actually saying something not just pointing to negativity.


I know no one is perfect. Everyone has their moments but there is always that person that seems to feel that the only way to hold a conversation is to find something/someone to complain about. It’s all good until you are the person being hated on. Right?

Fear less, hope more

Whine less, breathe more

Talk less, say more

Hate less, love more